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Why should you join?

Join the leading lights of the technical communication community in the ISTC.

  1. Professional Recognition: Professional development and training through membership of the ISTC
  2. Publications: Receive the Communicator journal and Infoplus newsletter; the authoritative publications for UK technical communicators.
  3. Community: We facilitate your participation in the professional community by promoting online and face-to-face communication.
  4. Technical Communication UK: Receive a substantial discount when you register for the largest technical communication conference in the UK
  5. Professional Resources: As well as the many opportunities to network with your peers, as an ISTC member you can access Oxford Reference Online, Technical Communication Standards and the British Standards Institute.


Did you know that your ISTC subscription is tax deductible? The 2005/2006 Inland Revenue Understanding Your Tax Code states:

10 Job expenses: Flat rate job expenses: Professional subscriptions annual subscriptions to professional bodies – these must be connected with your job and the professional body must have been approved by the Inland Revenue.

The HMRC website lists us under: Scientific and Technical Communicators, Inst. of

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