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Continuing Professional Development

All ISTC members have a responsibility to maintain their professional competence – it is enshrined in our Code of Professional Practice (updated July 2019) – and the ISTC is committed to helping them do so. All ISTC Fellows are obliged to undertake regular CPD activities, and all other members are strongly encouraged to do so.

We provide a flexible CPD framework that enables our members – regardless of their current level of knowledge or expertise – to demonstrate that they are continually striving to extend and update their skills.

Our CPD framework is focused on what people – our members and their employers or clients – need: that is, relevant, appropriate learning that can be applied to the workplace. Our emphasis is on CPD outcomes – what our members gain from their CPD, rather than on an arbitrary number of hours of attendance.

For more information, please read the CPD guidance for ISTC members.

Announcement (Nov. 2018) – change to review procedure for 2018 CPD records

As part of the follow-up to our recent survey of attitudes to CPD, we are this year inviting all Members and Fellows to submit their CPD records for 2018, on a voluntary basis, for review. We would like to publish anonymised examples of CPD records on the website so please let us know if you would be happy for an extract of your CPD record to be used in this way. Please send your CPD record by email to education@istc.org.uk using the subject line “ISTC CPD record 2018” by 31st January 2019. You may send a Microsoft Word or PDF document as an attachment, or send a link to a web address.

For general questions about CPD, please email David Farbey FISTC, Council member for Professional Development and Recognition, at education@istc.org.uk