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Mentoring scheme

The ISTC offers a voluntary mentoring scheme for Junior Members. The scheme matches up Junior Members who are just starting out in the profession of scientific and technical communication with experienced technical communicators for advice and guidance. The goal of the scheme is to provide a framework for the professional development of ISTC Junior Members, and gives them a considerable advantage over other new starters in the profession who may have nowhere to turn to for practical help. The scheme may also help Junior Members progress to the full Member grade (see Grades of membership).

Our volunteer mentors are all Fellows or Members of the ISTC who are keen to share their knowledge and experience with new entrants to the profession.

If you are a Junior Member of the ISTC and would like to take part in the scheme, or if you are a Member (MISTC) or Fellow (FISTC) who would like to volunteer as a Mentor, please contact the Mentoring Scheme coordinator.

Please note: Due to limited resources the scheme is not currently available to Student members or Associate Members. Membership of the scheme ceases automatically when a Junior Member becomes a full Member (MISTC), or when they leave the ISTC.