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Download the Council Nomination Form (29kb, Word file)

ISTC Council

The business of The Institute shall be managed by the Council which shall be elected by the members of The Institute as provided for in Articles 52 to 54 inclusive save as otherwise provided in Article 48. The Council shall consist of Officers and Ordinary Members of Council.

To find out more about the duties, responsibilities and powers of the Council, Articles of Association.

Memorandum of Association

The following are a precis of the ISTC’s Memorandum of Association:

  • To lay down standards of education, training, knowledge and experience, appropriate for the admission of persons to the various grades of membership of ‘The Institute’.
  • To institute examinations and to appoint examiners; to co-operate with any other examining/awarding body; and to award certificates and diplomas to those who pass such examinations.
  • To institute, establish and promote scholarships, grants, awards and prizes; with the goal of awarding scholarships, when possible.
  • To establish or assist in establishing chairs, faculties or departments of scientific and technical communication (or such other title within the objects of The Institute as may be thought fit) at any universities or other seats of learning.
  • To organise and promote conferences, meetings etc. on scientific and technical communication.
  • To publish information on communicating and maintain a library of publications for ISTC members.
  • To establish or assist research into any aspect of communicating.
  • To consult, co-operate and collaborate with any persons, associations, societies, institutions or other organisations for the purpose of furthering the objects of The Institute.
  • Provide members with information on conditions of service of those professionally engaged in scientific and technical communication.
  • When possible, to obtain any Royal Charter, Provisional Order or Act of Parliament or other authority either in the United kingdom or elsewhere to enable The Institute to carry its objects into effect.

Download the full version of the Memorandum of Association.

Code of Professional Practice

Following a review, the ISTC Council has introduced a new Code of Professional Practice. This details the conduct expected of ISTC members in their professional capacities and dealings. Remember that, as members of the ISTC we are all bound by this Code.