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Welcome to the ISTC website

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) is the largest UK body representing information development professionals.

Promoting the value of technical communication, and the profession

Members of the ISTC communicate technical information that has an impact on people and organisations. If people cannot use a product or service, or cannot find out how to solve problems they might come across, they are less likely to use or buy it. This means organisations need to create and manage content such as: Help pages, user guides, manuals, installation instructions, operating and safety procedures, business processes, training materials, chatbots, and even the text embedded into the product itself.

The ISTC can help you become a better technical communicator

We encourage professional development, training courses in technical communication, standards, research resources and networking opportunities for our members and industry affiliates.

Membership of the ISTC is open to all

You can join the ISTC if you are interested or involved in technical communication of any kind.