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Useful MadCap Resources

These resources have been collated by members of our MadCap Special Interest Group. This is an online group, open to all.

Flare expertise by other users are freely available on these blogs:

  • TecWriter collects links to Flare-related blog posts with tips and tricks and product reviews from around the web.
  • Flare for Help by Laura Charles Johnson, Certified Advanced Developer for Flare and a Certified Flare Instructor, covers many of the trickier challenges an experienced tech writer can face.
  • Flare for Programmers by Thomas Tregner helps when you seriously want to extend Flare’s capabilities and coding doesn’t scare you…
  • ClickStart is the site by Flare trainer and book author Scott DeLoach where he presents all kinds of quick-and-easy tricks that make your Flare life easier.
  • On his blog, Paul Pehrson provides tips and tricks about Flare, but also training, webinars and insights from conferences.
  • Hyper/Word by Neil Perlin offers a great cross-section of tech comm trends and techniques, not all of them Flare-related.
  • The Red Chicken has useful quick tips for managing Flare projects.
  • Kai’s Tech Writing Blog has impressions and hints about Flare and topic-based authoring in general.
  • MadBlog is MadCap’s official product blog with tips and tricks, but also technology and product news.


CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) are your friend when you want to style Flare’s output online and in print. Or it will be when you’re done with these helpful sites:

Once you’re on your way with CSS, these are great reference resources that let you look up stuff:


Books can give you a more in-depth experience of getting started with Flare than videos and web sites can. Once you’re up and running, they make for great desk references!

  • Five Steps to MadCap Flare walks you through setting up your first projects, creating your first topics and publishing your first output with MadCap Flare. It’s especially useful for lone writers who find Flare’s learning curve daunting.
  • MadCap Flare Developer’s Guide by Scott DeLoach, see his ClickStart blog above, is by comparison a bit more modular, so it’s easier to dip in, if you need help with individual tasks.


MadCap also has a host of good resources on their website. Their knowledge base contains the version release notes and other information straight from the Flare developers.


“How would you start learning Flare?” if you had little or no budget? The Flare Users group on LinkedIn provides several answers.