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Usable and safe operating manuals for consumer goods

Usable and safe operating manuals for consumer goods cover

ISBN-10: 0-9506459-6-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9506459-6-4

Published: May 2004

Price: £20

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About the book

Are you sure your documentation meets all legal requirements?

Usually, those who write documentation are not specialists in legal matters. Smaller enterprises often have no legal department to consult. However, people may be injured or killed and property may be damaged due to inadequate documentation. Many cases have shown that users do not hesitate to sue manufacturers and to demand compensation. Meeting legal requirements is therefore indispensable. The chapter on legal issues and documentation contains information on meeting those requirements, plus examples taken from real situations.

Do you want to help create a good image for your products with high quality documentation?

Even the best products do not satisfy users if the documentation is not clear and understandable. Instructions in the documentation must help users to maintain, use, store and repair products properly and safely. When many users choose products, test results published by consumer organisations, which may include an examination of the documentation, are often important criteria in their choice. Good results in any such tests can contribute significantly to the success of your product. The chapter on the basics of user friendly documentation contains information on creating user friendly documentation.

Do you want to optimise your documentation processes and reduce costs?

Documentation often needs to be created with a limited budget and on a tight schedule. If the production of documentation is too costly and time-consuming, your product may cost too much to convince customers to buy it, regardless of its high quality. Cost-effective production of documentation depends on efficient organisation, information workflow, and time and cost management. The chapter on process optimisation provides tips on how to optimally organise your documentation processes.

About the author

TCeurope is the European umbrella organisation for technical documentation, currently representing technical writers and illustrators in seven European countries.