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Horace Hockley Award

Presented annually at the Technical Communication UK Conference:
Who is Horace Hockley?

The Horace Hockley Award was first presented in 1993. The ISTC has always recognised the contribution that Horace Hockley made to the ISTC, as founder of the first professional institute for Technical Publications industry as a whole. When the ISTC conference became established, it was agreed by Council that here was an opportunity to make an award in his name using ideals that Horace Hockley would have endorsed.

The award is presented to someone who, in the opinion of the ISTC Council, has made a considerable contribution to the Technical Communications industry over a long period of time. The award is in recognition for promoting the industry across other industries and boundaries, and for promoting quality in the industry, whether it be in training or within the workplace.

The award is presented annually and an election is held by the ISTC Council before presentation, to agree the award from nominations which can be made by anyone in the Institute over the year.

The Technical Publications industry is growing in stature throughout the world and our contacts are growing across continents as international trade grows and technical complexity increases. While rarely considered as primary to any product or service, the reality is that in many cases the communication either is the product, or is the mover that makes the product usable. In continuing the legacy of Horace Hockley, the ISTC hopes to recognise the work that is done by individuals to ensure that the technical publications industry continues to move forward and is recognised, so that it provides prosperity for us all.

Past winners

Below are the past winners of the Horace Hockley award with, where available, Communicator articles about the winner.