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Short Story Competition

We are pleased to announce Cecily Roberts as the winner of our ISTC Community short story competition.

Cecily’s entry “Writers’ Block Redux” was an Alice in Wonderland-esque short story framed within another story. The use of flowery language sets the tone for the surreal adventure the writer is about to take us on. The main character’s frustration with the use of bad grammar is very clear throughout the story. His journey down the rabbit hole allows him to vent his frustration (and learn some important lessons) with the numerous grammar-related tasks he needs to complete if he is to exit the tunnel. The story was relatable to many (if not all) writers, as most have experienced writers block at least once in their life.

Congratulations Cecily – we hope you enjoy your prize, a copy of Stephen Crabbe’s book “Current Practices and Trends in Technical and Professional Communication”.

You can read Cecily’s story in full here