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How to Join the ISTC

Membership is open to all – whether you are interested or involved in technical communication of any kind.

Lockdown: Be part of the community in these difficult times. The ISTC is running a virtual quiz night on Mon 13 April at 7:30 pm (GMT+1). We’re also running virtual area group meetings. Contact the ISTC office for more information.

You don’t have to be a member to play (but it would be great if you did).
You don’t have to be a technical communicator to play, but it would help to have a word nerd on your team.

There are five steps to joining the ISTC:

1) Choose a type of membership

Fellow This grade recognises those with substantial experience in senior roles.
Member For experienced technical communicators.
Junior Entry level membership for professionals starting out in the field.
Student An introductory membership for those studying technical communication.
Associate Choose this membership if you are interested in technical communication, but not directly involved.

If you’re not sure which type of membership is right for you, you can read more about membership grades or contact us.

2) Tell us about yourself (complete the application form)

Complete the ISTC Membership Form.

3) Send us supporting evidence

Remember to send us:

  • Current CV giving details of your education, qualifications and experience. We use this to confirm your membership grade.
  • Supporting evidence if you are applying for student or retired membership.

Note: we may contact you and ask for further information to help assess your application.

4) Pay your application fee

At this stage, you only need to pay the application fee.

You can pay the application fee by cheque or pay online (contact the ISTC for bank details).

5) Pay your membership fee

Once your application has been accepted, you will be asked to pay the membership fee. This will be a pro rata rate from the time of your acceptance to the end of the calendar year (the ISTC will calculate this and inform you of the amount you’ll need to pay).

You can pay the membership fees by cheque, set up a direct debit (members only), or pay online.


The membership fees for 2020 are as follows:

Application Fee (non-refundable) £30
Student concession
(first year only) *
Other students £48
Junior £96
Member £112
Retired Member** £56
Fellow £112
Retired Fellow** £56
Associate £96
Retired Associate** £48
Business Affiliate See current rates on our Business Affiliates pages.

*Students must be on a recognised course in technical communications.
**Retirement age, 65, with supporting evidence.

Want to upgrade your membership?

  1. Please download and complete this form.
  2. Email the completed Grade Transfer form, and a copy of your up-to-date CV, to membership services. If you wish to upgrade to Fellow, you should also email a copy of your CPD record.
  3. Pay the transfer fee of £30.


Code of Professional Practice

Remember that by applying for membership of the ISTC you are agreeing to adhere to our Code of Professional Practice, and other policies and regulations of the Institute. These can all be accessed from the Governance page.