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The ISTC welcomes anyone with an interest in technical communication excellence.

If you are a Technical Author, a technical Content Strategist, Information Designer,
Publication Manager, Documentation Manager, Information Developer, Technical Illustrator or Translator, the ISTC is the professional association that can help you through your career.

Membership of the ISTC demonstrates your interest in and commitment to your own professional development, as well as the wider technical communication industry. The ISTC offers opportunities to exchange views and information with other professional communicators.

Why join the ISTC?

  • Keep up to date with trends and technologies
  • Save money through access to discounted events, training and resources
  • Keep in touch with the UK technical communications industry
  • Look for your next job or recruit someone to fill a vacancy
  • Gain advice on projects from peers
  • Feel less isolated in your everyday work
  • Share your skills and experience with people who are new to the profession
  • Achieve recognition amongst your colleagues and peers
  • Support the ISTC in promoting the profession in business and education

Who are our members?

As technical communication encompasses a wide range of activities, our members come from virtually every industry and area of society within the UK as well as internationally, who all need to communicate complex or important information effectively. ISTC members create or manage information that has an impact on people, including user guides, manuals, installation instructions, operating and safety procedures, business processes, training materials and software user assistance.

ISTC members are self-employed, sole specialists in small companies, or part of larger teams at organisati ons such as: Accenture, ARM, AWE, BAE Systems, Hewlett -Packard, HSBC, IBM, NHS, Qineti Q, Rolls-Royce, Sage, Thales, Waitrose, World Pay… as well as a host of less well-known companies!

What you get from membership

   Membership includes…

  • 4 issues of award-winning Communicator per year
  • Monthly ISTC newsletter, InfoPlus
  • Entitlement to use letters MISTC or FISTC after your name (subject to experience)
  • Access to members-only discussion list, including job postings
  • Access to online resources, including free access to Oxford Online Reference and discounted British Standards
  • Membership discounts to special industry-relevant events, training and conferences
  • Involvement in the biggest organisation representing technical communicators in the UK


How to join the ISTC

Membership is open to everyone with an interest in technical communication.

Find out more or join today…