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Cambridge Group – Ideas and Places

Ideas please

I’d like to get some ideas for subjects for our meetings.

  1. What ideas do you have for meetings; what do you want to know about?Is there a skill you need to develop?
  2. Can you suggest a venue, will your employer let us use a room? (if you live or work in Stevenage or Luton read on)
  3. Can you give a talk on something you know about (skills transfer)
  4. Can you do a “show and tell” on the work you and your company does. I’ve had one very positive response about this and would like some more.


Which brings me to… Stevenage and Luton.

We have members living and working in these two major towns and I was wondering you would like to have a meeting held there. It would save having to come to Cambridge, thus saving you time and money. We are going to keep the Cambridge meetings going so Stevenage and Luton are additions.

If this seems like a good idea and have the local knowledge to suggest a venue (pub or whatever) or your employer can put us up please make contact via the linked in group.

All the best, Richard.