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Website News

Website navigation update

Please bear with us, we are currently reworking the site navigation to make it easier for you to find what you need. Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback so far, hopefully I’ll be able to catch most of the broken links but please contact me if you find any: webmaster@istc.org.uk

Update: All done for now.

Website update

We are currently updating parts of the website so please bear with us whilst this work is completed. Some parts of the website might not display correctly until the work is done.

Update is complete, thanks for your patience

Welcome to the new look website

There is still some work to do, but after much hard work and head scratching, the new look website is here. Most of the previous content is still available, although some of the pages may have moved, and we are still porting over that last of the legacy content.

ISTC Members

There is no longer a unique area for Members. When you login to the website all of the Members Only content is automatically available in the main menu on the left.

You can login using your existing credentials, and you can edit your own details by clicking your name in the bar at the top of the website.

If you find any issues, missing content, or broken links, please let me know.


It seems that whilst porting member details across, the user management system has decided to email everybody! This wasn’t supposed to happen, so my sincere apologies for the intrusion to your inboxes.

Several people have mentioned that the security certificate is not valid on this website, this is an issue that our hosting company is aware of and is tracking. It will be fixed before the site ‘goes live’ properly (and we switch off the old website).

If you did click the link to Activate, don’t worry, you won’t do any harm.

Again, my sincerest apologies.


Hello to TCUK visitors!

If you can see this, then you are attending the TCUK conference this year.

The website is still being built, a lot of the work is going on behind the scenes to make it both a better experience for our Members and a provide a more appealing offering to prospective members and business affiliates.

Your feedback is welcomed, if you have any comments please let me know directly (webmaster@istc.org.uk) or complete this short survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MLB5RC6