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West of Scotland Area Group

West of Scotland area group meeting 28 October 2014: meeting report

Our latest area group meeting took place on Tuesday 28th October at Waxy O’Connors. A new group member joined us, and we discussed topics such as which kinds of organisations employ technical communicators, which tools are important to new technical writers, career progression, etc.

We also have news about the group’s management: Charles Addison, one of our group regulars, will be taking over the area group organiser role from Katja McLaughlin.

(Report written by Katja McLaughlin)

West of Scotland area group meeting 3 June 2014: meeting report

The June meeting was quieter than our recent meetings, with only a couple of attendees. Nevertheless, we had interesting discussions about topics such as the importance of effective product management in facilitating documentation work, the challenges involved in trying to produce meaningful documentation metrics and what it’s like to work in organisations where colleagues may be based in different countries or continents.

Summary by Katja McLaughlin

West of Scotland area group meeting 3 June 2014

The next ISTC West of Scotland area group meeting in Glasgow will take place on Tuesday 3 June 2014.  The event is free and open to all. See https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/technical-communicators-meeting-in-glasgow-3-june-2014-tickets-11478238721 for details and to sign up.

You can also join our LinkedIn group, “West of Scotland Area Group” (a subgroup of the “Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators” group).

West of Scotland area group meeting 25 March 2014: meeting report

The West of Scotland area group gathered on Tuesday 25th March for a networking meeting at the Waxy O’Connor’s pub in Glasgow city centre. We were pleased to welcome a couple of new people to the group and the meeting had a total of seven attendees, making it a relatively busy meeting. One of the main topics of conversation was how to get into technical communication if you have no previous technical writing experience. We also discussed topics such as whether formal technical communication qualificiations are important and how technical communicators fit into organisational structures. Free copies of the latest issue of the Communicator were handed out too, which proved popular.

Summary by Katja McLaughlin