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Information for Business Affiliates

Our Business Affiliates are provided with a liaison officer, Felicity Davie, and you can contact her at affiliates@istc.org.uk. Felicity helps you get the most from your affiliation and can put you in touch with others on the ISTC team with more specialist knowledge.

Elaine Cole and her colleagues on the ISTC administration team can also help with day-to-day questions. Contact the ISTC office.

Policy for communicating with members

As a Business Affiliate, you have direct access to the discussion forums and InfoPlus+ (our newsletter) accepts your content.

We are happy to communicate with our members on your behalf, subject to our editorial policy, but do not provide our members’ contact details to you.

We can:

  • Directly email ISTC members if an event or promotion is co-branded with us in some way.
  • Post to the ISTC discussion list, the ISTC LinkedIn group, InfoPlus and even Twitter – whether your message involves a discount for members or not.