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Book online now for TCUK

Did you know that you can now book online for the Technical Communication UK (TCUK) conference that takes place in Newcastle in the first week of October?

The full programme of workshops and presentations is available, so it’s time to clear your diary and make your booking.

This year’s conference includes three keynote presentations from an international group of prominent industry speakers. Leah Guren, a renowned teacher of technical writing, will tell us in her keynote address how we can improve our careers by watching fish. That sounds improbable, I know, but you’ll be amazed, and I hope, inspired, but what Leah has to say. Leah is also presenting a back-to-basics workshop in her “Golden Rules” series, explaining how to decide what needs to be documented, and how to get started with analysing your audience.

Our second keynote speaker is Karen Mardahl, an expert in making technical information more accessible. These days most of us struggle with limited resources at work, so it seems inevitable that accessibility issues are pushed far down the list of priorities. In her keynote, Karen explains how adaptability is the key to including accessibility in everything we do. You can find out more about how to make your own work more accessible by joining Karen’s workshop on Getting Down and Dirty with Accessibility and Usability.

Scott Abel has been a pioneer of content management strategy and is an in-demand speaker wherever he goes. Scott is an advocate of using structured tools and techniques in technical communication (a topic close to my heart) and not surprisingly, Scott’s keynote is called “It’s All About Structure! Why Structured Content Is Increasingly Becoming A Necessity, Not An Option”. Scott is also presenting a workshop session on Understanding eBooks, which is sure to be full of tried and tested practical advice.

You can find out more details on these and all the other sessions at TCUK, and book your place, on the conference website.

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