Careers in technical communication

You will find technical communicators anywhere that technical information needs to be communicated to others. A technical communicator wrote the user manual that comes with your washing machine, the online help you see when using software applications and may develop many other types of material (instructional videos, software simulations, processes and procedures). For more detail about what a technical communicator does, see ‘What is Technical Communication?‘.

The ISTC can help you with your career in technical communication. We provide:

  • A mentoring scheme, where junior members receive the support, advice, guidance and encouragement of a more senior member of the ISTC
  • A supportive environment where you can discuss issues with your peers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Jobs board

The ISTC is also keen to tell school and university career departments about technical communication as a career. If you’d like to talk to someone about this, get in touch.

For more information about a career in technical communications, see ‘Thinking of a career in technical communication?’.