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Information for students

The ISTC believes in encouraging new entrants to the profession, and has a category of membership – Student – that enables people to take advantage of what the ISTC has to offer them at a reduced price. See How to join the ISTC for more information.

One thing that many students struggle with is identifying a course that meets their needs – and being able to ask the opinions of other technical communicators about the suitability of a proposed course of study is invaluable.

The ISTC is a supportive environment for students, with more experienced members of our profession willing to share advice and support through our discussion forums. When you progress to Junior membership, you may choose to take advantage of our mentoring scheme. This provides you with individual guidance from a senior ISTC member.

What is an ‘ISTC Accredited’ course?

When a course is designated as ‘ISTC Accredited’, it has been reviewed by a professional panel of experienced ISTC members, and that the panel believes that the course meets its stated objectives, and is suitable for its intended audience.

The courses are provided by independent specialist training companies, many of which are well-known in our industry. Some of the providers are ISTC Business Affiliates.

A number of courses have already been accredited and are listed on the Accredited courses page. This list is updated as new courses are added – and an accredited course is reviewed every two years to ensure it is remains current.