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TCeurope Colloquium


Call for papers
The next TCeurope Colloquium takes place on 15 April 2016 at the ISCAP-School of Accounting and Administration of Porto in Portugal. The event will be hosted by APcomtec, the Portuguese association for technical communication.

The theme is “The Next Big Thing”. The organising committee is looking for speakers on the following topics:

  • Cloud Computing and SaaS and their impact on user assistance delivery
  • Documentation best practices for lean manufacturing processes
  • Innovative approaches to multimedia learning
  • Search engine optimization for documentation
  • Positioning technical communication as a key contributor to Customer Success
  • Agile methodologies for documentation and user assistance
  • Content curation/community management/user-generated content
  • Business metrics for technical communicators

This year’s TCeurope Colloquium will be highly interactive. Proposals should thus focus on exploring the opportunities, challenges and questions that these changes raise for today’s technical communicators, in a way that invites debate. In addition to presenting a short (15-20 minutes) plenary session to introduce their proposed topic, speakers will be invited to lead an interactive follow-up discussion with participants interested in exploring the topic further.

If you are interested in speaking at the Colloquium, please complete this form no later than 30 December 2015. We will get back to you on or before 20 January 2016.

Please visit the TCeurope website to learn more about the colloquium as more information becomes available: http://www.tceurope.org/colloquia

Practical information

  • The Colloquium is a full one-day event.
  • Attendance is free for all participants.
  • All plenary presentations will be limited to 15-20 minutes.
  • The schedule will include several interactive group sessions allowing for further discussion and exploration of the proposed topic with participants.
  • Timings will be strictly enforced to allow all presenters an equal presentation time and in order to adhere to a planned schedule.
  • All sessions are to be presented in TCeurope’s working language: English