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Welcome Oilers !

….gasers and frackers, as well.

Drill bit to forecourt nozzle, you are welcome to participate, share and learn.

Such is variety of science, engineering and technology within the Oil & Gas Industries that the breadth and depth of technical communication is quite goggling.  Hence, I won’t start to suggest a group perspective or priorities.

And because we are so geographically dispersed, I suggest that we attempt to meet up at industry expos just as much as ISTC special interest group meetings – in Europe this year, the top shop will be :

http://www.offshore-europe.co.uk/    in Aberdeen, September 3rd – 6th.

Do please suggest others ….

Even better, if you can attend this year’s Technical CommunicationUK Conference  http://technicalcommunicationuk.com/  in Bristol, September 24-26.

In the meantime, please get in touch, and join us on LinkedIn.


James Bromley

on a typically driech and wet Aberdeen weekend